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“It continued like this for a while before she finally went away. I was left among the ruins and burnt-out slums and wandered aimlessly through them…” – THE BLACK PELICAN

Visuals - TBP - WolfHair

cover_theblackpelicanmyqmarkA different face peeped through the makeup – one I didn’t know – and unfamiliar lips moved with the desire to hurt me as much as possible. “Do you think I was happy with you?” she asked. “You have no idea how tired I am of you and your whims. You’re like a strange place where dead ends lie at every corner and one always has to step carefully to avoid the trap… And Jules is so pleasant,” she added with a sigh, her eyes boring into me. “I just relax with him. And don’t you dare to touch my husband!” she screamed. “He’s a saint, he suffers, but he’ll never leave me. You, of course, would have already kicked me out, without a second thought…”

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Stories Behind THE BLACK PELICAN – Outer Banks

“One day, a storm flared up, then the ocean calmed down even though the wind still raged. I wandered the water’s edge along an utterly empty coast…”

Behind The Black Pelican - Outer Banks

The year our firm went public, I began to feel I wasn’t in control of my life. I was spinning in a whirlpool of events and duties, of the interests and opinions of others; escape seemed impossible. And I liked my life less and less. In fact, I didn’t like it at all. So I made the decision to take a vacation and went, off-season, to Nags Head, NC – to spend ten days by myself at the ocean.

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“The very myth about the City of M. is depressingly indistinct, and those who visit it, or maybe just talk about its mystic spell, cannot be truly proud, although they try with all their might…” – THE BLACK PELICAN

Visuals - BLACKPELICAN - CityM

cover_theblackpelicanmyqmarkWhat’s essential is to imagine the details you’ve never seen and, hitting upon them, to feel your pulse fluttering the instant your finger traces the route on a map and reaches the yellow dot denoting the city. It’s essential to go there, whether or not you destroy all the bridges behind you. You may not be the first and you’re even a follower in a certain sense – a follower in a way you cannot contemplate without protesting with all your heart. Still, you’re here, and that alone overrides all the reasons to belittle yourself, especially since you could always find plenty of them.

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“And then I discerned it with my own eyes – either in a dream, or in the brief madness of contemplation…” – THE BLACK PELICAN

Visuals - The Black Pelican - Questionmark

cover_theblackpelicanmyqmarkThe longer it lasted, the more I considered him a symbol of the gray masses that didn’t allow me to breathe. I saw in Julian a dotted contour, an abstract category containing everything vile that elbowed me out of the way, so I couldn’t find reliable ground and felt all handrails slipping out of my hands.

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