The Place of Quarantine – Face of Thought

“This was a portrait of the dynamics of the mind, the crown of evolution. I gave it a name – the ‘face of thought’…” – THE PLACE OF QUARANTINE

myqmarkSo, the concept of deterministic chaos put everything in its place. The main principle of the dynamics of the brain was now completely clear. I knew, I felt: a thought, a memory is a “strange” attractor and it cannot be otherwise. And of course, I wanted to look at the thought-attractor eye to eye. I set out to re-create it on paper or on the monitor screen – to get a phase portrait of the process underlying intelligent life.

Of course, this was a very ambitious task. A consistent whole would need to be deduced from fragmentary, incomplete specifics. I began reconstructing the phase space from data sets – combining and comparing the amplitudes and phases of the neural waves at different moments in time. And I made a bold assumption, which turned out to be correct: I proposed that the form of the attractor should be the same at all levels of the brain’s functioning – when responding to stimuli like smells and sounds, when converting memories to words, and when abstracting, generalizing. That helped; similar structures started to appear in the streams of data. For a long time, I could not visualize them properly, but I finally found the solution – the coordinate structure in which the encephalograms obtained from different patients under different circumstances were projected into similar curves. Taken together they formed a picture – an attractor, localized in an enclosed space.

I investigated this as far as was possible – and yes, indeed, it was “chaotic,” it was “strange”: the system never repeated itself; the line did not intersect but gradually filled a certain region, interwoven in the most complicated way. This was a portrait of the dynamics of the mind, the crown of evolution. I gave it a name – the “face of thought.” I printed it, hung it over my desk and looked at it for a long time as if trying to reach even further, deeper. And then I got on the tram and went to Bern University…” – THE PLACE OF QUARANTINE

Image credit: gonzalu

“This book may well change our perception of life itself!” – Readers’ Favorite

He didn’t expect to wake up dead. Now he wants to prove the afterlife exists. Is there any hope that our memory and consciousness remain intact after death?

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