The Place of Quarantine – Einstein

“The cornerstone change of the paradigm before Einstein was beyond the power of the human mind – or maybe simply before him, no one had been feeling with such passion? Passion protected him from the horror of looking into the bottomless depths…” – THE PLACE OF QUARANTINE


It was me who used the word “passion,” and Gunter agreed with it. We became comrades-in-arms on that day; it marked the moment of our solidarity.

Of course, the symmetries and similarities in our science were not the ones that Einstein was thinking about. We were dealing not with global space-time but with the invariability of equations under shifts and rotations, interchanges between “left” and “right” particles and so forth. This invariability was hidden deep in mathematics; it could not be directly observed, and, despite being in step with the experiments, our theories were not completely accurate. We worked with approximations in different energy scales, and the most interesting thing was concealed from us: when changing from scale to scale, from magnitude to magnitude, not only the form of the equations but also their internal properties changed. The world, “cooling down,” moving from high energies to low, became less symmetrical – spontaneously, by itself, without outside interference. Matter acquired new shapes; new structures arose in it – this was progress, movement forward, but nature had to pay for this, renouncing part of the perfection.

It was the spontaneous violation of symmetry that became the focus of my interest. I wanted to get inside, to find out how it happened and at what expense. What was this mechanism of transition in which matter becomes different?…” – THE PLACE OF QUARANTINE

Image credit: VityaR83

“This book may well change our perception of life itself!” – Readers’ Favorite

He didn’t expect to wake up dead. Now he wants to prove the afterlife exists. Is there any hope that our memory and consciousness remain intact after death?

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