SEMMANT – Indigo Children

“The idea was to create a special breed, a regiment of obedient geniuses…” – SEMMANT

cover_semmantmyqmarkThey brought us from everywhere, and, to their credit, put a lot of effort into us. The project was massive and not intended to be done half way. The director of the facility met each child personally at the main entrance. I can still recall his narrow face and his troubled, ailing look. And I remember something else: everyone always called him simply the Director. Proper names were just not fitting, for him or for the School.

“Hello,” he said to me quietly. “We will try to make you happy.”

For some reason, it was hard to put much faith in his words.

I didn’t believe him, but I was wrong; they all tried as best as they could. We were treated with cautious dread, as if we were overly complicated playthings. They crammed a mass of knowledge into our brains, and we were eager to learn. But playing in each youngster’s head was his own music, the beating of his own pulse, which was, in fact, encouraged. On the wall of the dining common there was even a sign that read: Do not be like everybody else! And there was another one in the assembly hall, confronting us with the question: Do you have a mission? In slightly smaller script, as if in clarification, was one more: What do you do best?…” – SEMMANT

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19 thoughts on “SEMMANT – Indigo Children

    1. Scraps

      Genius doesn’t conform to present social understanding, It was transcended even before adulthood. It makes for a life of dissatisfaction and disassociation with society in general. What they wanted to do can be done. They just went about it wrong.


  1. kevin

    Sounds like they had the adults by the short ones with their coddling. If the children were really geniuses they should have played with the adults heads like the psychologist toying with their heads and mess the whole program up by taking over; kind of like what we children did to the nuns in catholic school.


  2. Elizabeth

    In the islands (i.e.: Haiti, the US Virgin Island), it’s not uncommon to find “indigo children”, although we are usually called something else (like freaks, strange ones), really mean things. It is not our fault that we can “see” and “know” things. Our brain is wired differently and it’s also genetics (both my mother and father are/were “indigo’s”). When I “see” something, it’s usually because the person involves needs to know so they can change the outcome. What I’ve found is that people don’t want to know, so know I don’t tell them. Case and point: last year during meditation I “saw” my neighbors dogs attacking them, it was awful. I told my sibling and a week ago the dogs attacked the mom, thankfully the children were not attacked.

    The plus side to being an “indigo adult” is that I can read people and know what they are up to, especially when they are up to no good. I’ve met others like myself and it’s hilarious when we compare notes.

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  3. James V. Kohl

    Excerpt: “At that time, unusual children were the subject of much talk. Their eyes, overly intense and vivid, were mentioned quite often – as was their skill in sensing each other from a distance, and their own language, made up of interjections, which they did not shed until early adolescence.”

    My comment: Greg Bear developed a similar theme in the context of what was known about how virus-driven energy theft was linked to energy-dependent ecological adaptation in a new human subspecies. He integrated their ability to communicate with human pheromones (e.g., sensing each other from a distance) at a time when most people claimed there was no proof of human pheromones.

    See “Darwin’s Radio” (1999). reviewed here:
    “Darwin’s Children” (2003). reviewed here:


  4. Eric Sittig

    As an early diagnosed idiot Sehvant, at age 5 threw 8. Mainly due to no talking at all during this period of time. I personally don’t remember this. However I do remember undergoing uncountable test and many overnight stays at various hospitals.
    Finally at age 8 the picture came to my mind of the single difference between myself and the other kids I was always around. Specifically a boy just 3 months younger than I was. Who was paired to me always because I could not articulate accountability for anything during my day and was prone to wonder off. Further more I was born into a religious cult consisting of about 240 people. The children were grouped together according to sex and age. Contact with mother father was limited to a few hours every Sunday evening. It seems appropriate to add what I consider to be a very unique ingredient within this development. My mother was pregnant at 15 in Santa. Cruz and was brought in to the religious group in the last month of gestation. For the majority of the time I stewed in LSD within her womb.
    When I stated to imitate communications I perceived. Again I was subjected to numerous tests. The defining discovery was a comprehensive I.Q test. At 8 my comprehension was 5th year college level. A perception in abstract process of application was immeasurable. Then at the beginning of a special program developed to enhance my gifts. My parents escaped from the cult.
    This traumatic though in retrospect beautiful event allowed me to slip beyond social and mental programming. Having a very advanced animated presentation of being I would manipulate the public school systems to keep me in special education classes. Which provided a neutral environment where I could fly away in the mystery of what ever thought was most colorful.
    My family environment was abusive to say the least. My mother who I did not know was a schyts and a drug addict. My father was an angry drunk. From 9to 12 life was terrifying. The end came as a blessing two weeks before I turned 12 when my mother came home and packed up my younger brothers stuff and walked out I asked her were she was going she replied what does it matter to you. And walked out. Three days after my 12th birthday my father came home looked at me and said. Your mother and I are getting divorced your not my real son so I won’t be seeing you anymore. And then out on the streets just going into winter in idaho.
    I was a natural at street bustling. I joined the Army at 16 at the time of testing my I.Q was 169. The psychologists believed I had some how cheated so I was sent to Portland to be tested there. The results where identical. So that is my preface intro.


  5. Enhu-ra

    Suedes such as these seem all to deep in truth as this seems so intricately real for one, that Is.
    Perhaps, School is still in Session..
    Though, the ‘teachers’ should know by now that such programming would need be of a futuristic social archetype that has yet to be birthed due to uncoventional lack of vision by a present society born of an era long passed it’s usefulness in the endeavoured purpose of conscious growth and evolution in all aspects leading to transcendental state of being. Overcompanied by factual premise, it should go without saying, to keep the interests of suchlike would be to accept what they have to teach just as you so teach them these go hand in hand. Should they be labeled as ‘genius’ then why not allow them to use it of their own accords by aspiring such through positive excitement.
    For example: When people speak deeply upon matters of life, I grow increasingly analytical with a philosophic state of mind breaking it all down in a way that opens their eyes to see as i see. When someone seeks to strengthen themselves, I too do the same as well as sharing tips with them to help them.


  6. Joseph E Sapp

    Interesting. I have often wondered if anyone else was like me. Assuming that charlatans be ye not, you (plural) describe quite a lot of what I went through growing up. As an adult, other things have occurred which, when I give voice to then, seem whacked out to others. I have had to appear to learn stage magic, slight of hand, etc., to give others a reasonably good explanation for some of the things I can do. I am true lefty, ab- blood, hyper immune system, and been characterized as ‘hypo-manic’ – right at the line of almost too much too much. The hardest thing is not seeing human interactions as a living mathematical algorithm – it’s odd, I guess, but I have always been this way.


  7. Sofia Garabedian

    I am confused by these comments. I am however able to relate with many factors but speaking about them always causes alienation. Too frequently it is sad to be alone so much. But it is also sad to be around people, places and stuff. There almost always is a partial pick up of thoughts or actions. It is not simple to fit in, even among people with inner eye understandings. It is easier to not associate with those similar to me because there is frequently an out of context pick up of situations. It is rare that anyone accepts that they might be reaching incorrect understandings. I understand that I often reach incorrect understanding. Those involved with energy work who feel they can not cause undesirable issues has resulted in undesirable issues for me or others. My having to be neutral and others being neutral is highly important. Finding people who are able to be truly neutral the majority of time seems non practible.



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